Without prejudice to the powers and duties of the University Council, and the Council of Professors, boards of colleges and various university units, have Deanship.
Activating, adjusting and upgrading the academic regulations to Control the quality of performance.
Supporting and developing University programs through the follow-up of the modernization and development of curricula, teaching methods, methods and techniques and the activation of practical applications.
Planning, programming and follow-up training and training of teaching staff and assistant cadres through scholarships, training and scientific participation's.
Contributing to the enrichment of Academic knowledge between all faculties of the university and other Universities inside and outside the Sudan within the framework of the movement of international cooperation and provide knowledge as services, consulting, training and continuing education.
Developing programs, curricula, academic methods, training of academic staff and assistant cadres to keep pace with scientific creativity and global development.
Establishing the infrastructure and providing them with aids and modern multimedia, updating and developing methods of teaching, keeping documents, results, procedures of registration and admission, and the extraction of University certificates and linking it among all University faculties..
Acquiring knowledge, producing it and developing scientific creativity among students.
Quality control and developing of regulations and procedures for registration and acceptance and protection of university certificates of forgery and counterfeiting.
Enhancing external relations and acquiring knowledge with Universities and other institutions inside and outside Sudan.

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