Quality and Accreditation

Is a unit recently established to follow the directives and guidelines of Quality Management and Accreditation of the University to help and promote quality activities.

- Carrying out effective tasks and academic, administrative and financial performance in a timely manner
- The importance of academic programs and Academic research and its quality.
- Free competition to join the academic programs and the ability of different sectors of society to bear the costs of their study.
- Idealism and complementarily between modern methods of Academic and learning.
- The credibility of the evaluation procedures.
- Efficiency of the resources, continuity and the safety of its distribution.
- Exchange research results and communication with the similar institutions inside and outside Sudan.


"Quality and Excellence in Higher Education Institutions. Reaching to the progress and development of the nation."

Quality and Accreditation


"Achieving the goals of the National Council for Higher Education and Academic Research, aimed at improving academic quality, through promoting and evaluating them and working to promote their sustainability"

Quality and Accreditation

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