Academic Staff

The Department specializes in the following-up appointment, rehabilitation, training and promotion of members of the Academic staff and Academic assistants, and the preservation of their records. The Department of Academic staff Affairs is administratively affiliated to the Office of the Deputy Dean of Academic Affairs.

- Advertising about jobs.
- Receiving files of applicants
- Checking the files to ensure that the recruitment requirements are met.
- Sending files to the faculties for review and select the first list.
- Announce Applicants.
- Following up the appointment of those who recommended by the Appointments Committee.


"Technological development in the follow-up of the rehabilitation, training and appointment of Academic staff members and help cadres to achieve the highest Academic excellence in the fields of research and Academic."

Academic Staff


"Upgrading the services of appointment, promotion and rehabilitation of Academic staff members and Academic assistants through multiple media, keeping abreast of technological development and following up their Academic affairs inside and outside the Sudan."

Academic Staff

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