The Certificate Unit is one of the Academic affairs units that follow the secretary of Academic affairs directly for the purpose of developing the unit and to identify its problems and remove all obstacles. The Unit has records of the names, grades, graduation dates and graduation rates of all graduates.

- The Department tasks are to extract all types of University degrees (Bachelor of Honours, General Bachelor's degree) - Technical Diploma and Mediator - Mural Certificates - Preparation of the Graduates Guide every two years and the registration lists for the Medical Council of Medical Faculties, Upon assignment from the Dean, the Department distributes the certificates and details of the graduate students.
- Receive application forms.
- Review the required documents and then register them in the issued register prepared for this purpose.
- Review the certificates of details, and extract the required data to extract the certificates electronically.
- Printing certificates of various kinds. Review and finalize it.
- Print Certificates (Mural).
- Review the required documents and then register them in the incoming register prepared for this purpose.
- Delivery of certificates to the graduate and writing the addresses to the graduate in the records.
- delivery of post graduate certificates with Assignment of the Dean of Academic Affairs.
- Print testimonials, certificates of enrollment, certificates of experience and confirm the authenticity of the certificate.
- Printing lists of the Medical Board Registration Record (RLS).
- maintaining an electronic and paper record for all graduates of the University and renewed annually.


"Updating and activating a modern software to extract scientific and honorary certificates and documentation to achieve its scientific orientation and stability in the level, content and practice."





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