University Senate

The Council of senate shall set the conditions and regulations for the scientific qualifications which required for the admission of students in undergraduate and postgraduate studies, awarding scientific degrees, honorary degrees, scientific awards, organizing study programs at the University and examinations in accordance with the provisions of the Basic Regulations. The council of senate meets four times a year on the third Sunday of the month (March, June, September and December). The unit of professors affairs at the Deanship of scientific Affairs organizes all its activities.


The Vice Chancellor Chairman
Deputy Vice Chancellor Member
Principal of the University Member
Secretary of the Academic Affairs Member and Rapporteur
Dean of Graduate Studies and Academic Research Member
Dean of Students' Affairs Member
Deans of Faculties and Institutes
Libraries Secretary Member
Deputies Deans Member
Directors of the Centers Member
Heads Departments Member
All Academic staff who are professor Member
Two members representing students and selected by the Student Union Member

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